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BPHE’s with single refrigerant circuit are available in five models with different dimensions:


■   P4 and P7 specifically designed for small capacities

■   P12 designed to be used as evaporator or heat pump

■   P15 and P30 designed to be used as condenser or liquid to liquid

    plate heat exchanger


This product is extremely versatile, thanks to the wide range of customisations such as different kinds of support systems, different kinds of connections and the possibility to use every kind of refrigerant (CFC, HCFC, HFC) included the natural ones except ammonia.

Among WTK BPHE’s with double refrigerant circuit plate heat exchangers

the P16 and P31 are there latest creations .

They have been designed by WTK R&D dept and developed entirely inside the company by using the newest thermo/fluid dynamic simulation software.

These new models are characterized by a double refrigerant circuit with cross flows channels of both circuits witch are always in alternate contact with the water circuit.

The excellent know-how of the company and avant-garde solutions ensure performances at the top levels for this category.

Brazed plate heat exchangers
gesoldeerde warmtewisselaar

Double circuit brazed plate heat exchangers

Single circuit brazed plate heat exchangers


This is the standard delivery time for BPHE (Ex. Works Lonigo Italy) also in the summer months.